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Christian Adult Services for Spirituality & Prayer


The United Montagnard Christian Church was established in 2003 to provide spiritual and social support to current and newly arrived Montagnard refugês in Greensboro, Charlotte, and other places. Its primary purpose is to be vehicle for people to glorify and worship God through the preaching and teaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Contact our ™Christian Ministry to day to ask about our prayer services for adults and families. Throughout, peers support newly arrived refugees to help them become self-sufficient in their new enviroment.


• Providing Low-Income Housing & Elderly Housing Assistance

• Providing Referrals to Various Social Services
• Providing Translation Services
• Providing Transportation for Montagnards Who Do Not Have Vehicles

• Providing Cultural Orientation & ESL Classes

• Helping Refugees Attain U.S. Citizenship
• Boy & Girl Scouts
• Providing Afterschool Tutoring
• Training Youth Leaders for Tomorrow
• Generating Public Awareness 


Our outreach program

The congregasional Nuse Program, a collaborative effort between the Cone Health System and the faith community, is a health ministry program staffed by a registered nurse. It is an outreach program for all Montagnards; Vietnmamse, K'hmer, and Laos; which provides personal health counseling, health education and referral to community resources. The nurse spends ten hours per week making home/hospital visits, setting up appointments and referrrals conducting/organization educational programs, screening for chronic conditions,accompanying patients to doctor visits, and helping them navigate the complexities of the Healthcare system. Every fall she holds a flu clinic, serving from 125 to 228 people per year.

 During the school year, the nurse has a Social Work Intern from UNCG or A&T University to assit clients with issues outside the healthcare arena. They can provide counseling for financial, emotional, houseing, food, job loss and can assist with food stamp and Medicaid & orange -card  applications.

The intern is available during the nurse's office hours, which are from 9-12 on Wednesday mornings at the church. An interpreter is also present and  no appoinment is neccessary. All services are provide at no charge.

We are strong support and encourage  new generation must continue education to complete Degree,  in U.S.A. because, they are the leadership for to morrow for Montagnard community.

We are a bridge connection between the Former Montagnard Physicians in VN.  Some of them were U.S Citizen or legal permenent Resident status in U.S.  

These former Montagnard Physicians have been experiences and pratice intermedicine and Surgen, nurses  in Vietnam.

They are looking for special option for them can go to back to school and continue to work experience they have here in America.  






        Outreach Program









The Montagnard Christian appreciation and honored in History!

From 1962 - 1975; the American Missionairies Has established The Christian Clinic for Montagnard&Vietnamese Community to treated Hasen Disease, Orphanage Center for reserve Hansen diseases Family-Childrens as the following areas:In City Banmethuot, Buon Ea Ana-Daklak, Buon Tour-Daklak, Dak R'Tih-Daknong, Buon Phung-Pleiku and rural Areas in Dalat Province

Today, No anyplace were existing; unfortunately, Thousand-Thousand are still suffering and helpless.

They are need for You help!!!

 The United Montagnard Christian Church in Greensboro, NC, we are seeking to support outreach ministry to Christian Church in Vietnam. We hope,  to help rebuild the abandoned missionary center at Banmethuot (clinic, orphanage, and Bible school) that had been established earlier by missionaries. We are also working to aid in Bible and hymn translation, printing, and binding. It is difficult for people within Vietnam to carry out this work because they live in an environment that is hostile to Christianity.

We ask for your help, please contact us 336 273 9020


On August 13, 2011

About 100 Montagnard, Vietnamese,Khmer gathering Participated the program from Police Officer and Mental Health clinicians work together to help and to support the Montagnard Family  after an experience of violence  or trauma Tragedy occur on July 21, 2011

* Officer Griffins

* Linda, Child Respond Initiative

* Sonya, Adult Respond Initiative

You can make a difference in the world by being part of our Christian adult prayer services.
Contact us at (336) 2739020 in Greensboro, North Carolina, for more details on our ministries.